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Registration of Business (Rule 1020)

Report of Health and Safety Organizations (DOLE/BWC/HSD/IP-5) (Rule 1040)

Annual Work Accident/Illness Exposure Data Report (DOLE/BWC/OHSD/IP-6b)

OSH Practitioner/Consultant Application Form (New Applicant) (DOLE-BWC-AF-PCN-A1)

Practitioner/Consultant Application Form (Renewal) (DOLE-BWC-AF-PCR-A2)

Application Form on Accreditation of OSH Training/Consulting Organization (DOLE-BWC-AF-ORG-A3)

Application Form on Accreditation of Construction Heavy Equipment Testing Organization (DOLE-BWC-AF-ORG-A3)

OSH Training Organization OSH Course Syllabus (DOLE-BWC-AF-STO-SYL)

Application for Boiler/Pressure Vessel Installation (BSC/ISD-T-4)

Application for Internal Combustion Engine Installation (BWC/ISD-T-5)

Application to Install Elevator/Manlift/Dumbwaiter (BWC/ISD-T-6)

Revised Application Form for the Evaluation / Approval of Construction Safety and Health Program (CSHP)