How do I Become a Safety Practitioner in the Philippines?- A Practical Guide

If you are now your company’s Safety Officer, the next step is to get accreditation as a Safety Practitioner. In its simplest, you only need two things – a basic training on OSH and experience to show competency as an SP. But you need papers to show proof of both. So, here are our tips in getting one, based on the guidelines/explanatory bulletins issued by the government; interviews with evaluators and applicants, and our own experience with the process.

As a Safety Officer or even before your designation, you should undergo the basic training or BOSH for industry, or the construction OSH or COSH if you are with the construction industry. This is the basic but it would be better if you have other OSH or OSH-Related trainings. Photocopy all copies of OSH trainings.

The guidelines issued by DOLE said you need at least three (3) years of experience. So how to show? You need to document every activity you have which may be Osh or OSH-related. These include but are not limited to the following:

  1. proof of compliance with OSH standards like:
    1. Report of Health and Safety Organization of the previous year (DOLE/BWC/HSD/ip-5
    2. Monthly report of work accidents (DOLE/BWC/HSD/IP-6)
    3. Annual Medical Report ((47-A)
    4. Annual Exposure Data Report (AEDR)
    5. Minutes of safety and health committee meetings where your name appears
  2. proof of your OSH activities, such as:
    1. Safety inspection reports done;
    2. Job Hazards Analyis (JHA) done;
    3. Tool box meetings attended or facilitated;
    4. OSH Programs initiated/developed/implemented;
    5. OSH awards.

If you have all these documents, then you are now ready with your application. You need to also do the following:

  1. secure a Certificate of Employment (COE) with your present employment. Photocopy this for your file since the original will be submitted to the DOLE. This must use company letterhead and signed by the authorized company official. If you have other employment before, then prepare a Xerox copy of your previous employment’s certification;
  2. secure a Certificate on the Duties and Responsibilities of your present position, again in company letterhead and signed by authorized official. Photocpy this also since the original will be submitted to the DOLE; But note that it may be more practical to have these 2 requirements in only one document.
  3. prepare a letter of application addressed to the Executive Director of the OSHC indicating your wish to apply for accreditation. Use DOLE/BWC/AF/PN-A1.
  4. Have a recent ID (1X1) taken in red background. These will be given to DOLE for the ID that will be issued you later. Put your name and signature at the back of the photo.
  5. Photocopy any of the following:
    1. College Diploma;
    2. Transcript of Records (TOR);
    3. Board exam certificate or PRC license if you are a licensed professional as engineers, or nurses.

Assemble all these documents in brown long folder, and preferably in the following order, using appropriate tabbings:

  1. letter of application using DOLE/BWC/AF/PN-A1;
  2. certificate of employment (original must be submitted);
  3. certificate on the duties and responsibilities ((original must be submitted)
  4. photocopies of all OSH or OSH related trainings, with BOSH or COSH certificate as the first certificate to be shown;
  5. photocopy of any of the three: diploma, board exam certificate or PRC license if a professional
  6. proofs of accomplishments:
    • compliance to OSH standards- DOLE/BWC/HSD/IP-5; DOLE/BWC/HSD/IP-6); AMR or Form 47; AEDR; Minutes of safety and health committee meetings;etc.
    • OSH activities- TBM; JHA; inspection reports; OSH programs; OSH awards,etc.
  7. Sign/initial all pages of the documents;
  8. insert the ID photo amongst the documents, preferably in the letter of application.

Prepare two sets. The first set must contain the original certificates of employment and statement of duties and responsibilities and will be submitted to the OSHC or its Reguional Extension Unit (REU) if you are in the regions. The 2nd set is your copy as reference for the panel interview.

If the OSHC/REU is satisfied that the documents are complete, you will be notified of your schedule of interview by e-mail and by text.

If approved by OSHC/REU, they will ask you to pay the fee for the certificate and the ID card. You can claim it when both are ready.

Congratulations for your efforts. Hope our practical tips paved the way for your accreditation.